Connect with AsOneForce:  Because every connection matters 

information age (Web 1.0 ) was  about content. But , The networking age (Web 2.0  ) is all about relationships, the network  and how those relationships are the conduit for increasing your marketing, sales and revenue . The AsOneForce Virtual community is built on Google technology (engine of growth and innovation) and is
the largest IT systems and infrastructure deployment and installation community
in the world. We invite you to Join our community Now !

Who are As-One-Force Private Community Sponsors?

As-One-Force Community is consist of  screen and approved  Sponsors which are :
  1. Expert IT infrastructure installation and deployment companies ( licensed and insured )  
  2. Expert IT System installation and deployment companies ( certified and insured ) 
  3. Community supporters / alliances:
    • Suppliers
    • Manufactures 
    • Professional services
      • Legal
      • Accounting
      • Admin 
      • Banks / financing
      • Equipment financing   
      • Credit report and trade info.
      • Marketing experts
      • Sales experts
      • Education and training
      • Business management
      • Business consultants 
      • Insurances
      • Medical and heath services
      • Compliance services
      • Recycling and re marketing services 
      • Internet and SEO Engineers ( I.e. web designers , SEO and SM experts )  
      • Government ( I.e GSA consultant )
      • Video production
    • IT service providers
      • Business software application provider   
      • IT cloud  and collocation providers
      • Bandwidth and CKT providers
You can contact  us to get more information . 

What As-One-Force can offer to Sponsors ?

As-One Community is consist of  screen, qualified  and approved IT system integrator and infrastructure installers ( mostly business owners/ decision makers ) .  As-One-Force is our community portal (The club ) build based on Crowd and expert sourcing  which is away of solving problem , producing things, introducing new product and services  by connecting on line with people  that one otherwise would not have chance to know .

As-One-Force harness  amazing knowledge generating power of  IT expert crowd ,  Internet and Google business solution applications  and put it to use to promote IT manufacturers, IT suppliers and IT special service providers . Doing so,  we collaborate with our community and;
    • Solve problem
    • Capture knowledge 
    • Disperse information in very fast way 
    • Identify and leverage expertise 
    • Harness wisdom of the IT expert crowd to refine ideas 
    • Share best practices,  brands and Trends

How many ways As-One-Force can  prompt Sponsor's values to increase revenues ?

Using  Google business applications, we promote your values , product and services through:
    • Virtual Trade show and Virtual booth ( ( 7X24X365 ) 
    • Web product and services show case  ( web page to promote specific  values and build links ) 
    • Community email marketing and news letter
    • Community news flash ( instance messaging /  text ) 
    • Product quality assurance and testing
    • Product market research campaign
    • Product  and service  expert survey and statistical reporting
    • Training promotions  ( product and services ) 
    • Webinars and product and service seminars
    • Product and service  press release 
    • Manufacturing representative sales force program
    • Creating environment that information and knowledge can easily  be found and accessible  (who and what they are looking for) 
    • Promote Sponsors web pages ( back links, tagging ) , make sure information is visible to everyone    

What are the benefits of  As-One-Force  promotions  ?

You may be thinking your corporate internet is built to promote company values , Do not be so sure!  Most internet and company web pages are really just one  official voice of a company. They are develop  and operated with small group that usual do not use the web 2.0 or Google business solution that make digital marketing so powerful and dynamic. We believe sales team need more qualified leads and flexibly to promote locally and globally. 

Fact is at the end, products and services are used  or  installed by a local installer. AsOneForce can create a strong brand presence that's durable in the marketplace and makes the sponsor stand out from the competition.

Benefits are :
    • Adding to button line instantly, more  margin with less over head
    • Add marketing and sales force effortlessly   
    • Adding large network of qualified  IT expert crowd  and business owners to your network ( your revenue has direct correlation to your qualified network ) 
    • Communicate values, services and product faster and less expensive than traditional way
    • Expend product and service offering globally and locally more effectively  

Are you looking for increasing your customer base and your network  exponentially ?

Then , we invite you to join and discover  “As”  “One”  “ Force”  networking  and collaboration engine and ecosystem .

What is As One ?
  • “As One “   is the largest  IT systems and infrastructure deployment and installation community in the world.
Our Community is powered by Google,  a world class technology and scalable engine.

  • AsOneforce.com is the web  portal and FREE  Ecosystem for the  AsOne global IT  Community members .
  • www.AsOneSource.com is the lead generation platform for the AsOne Community .
AsOne is growing through expert sourcing  and  its members which now exceed  more than thousands  . They  all access AsOneForce.com on daily bases to receive FREE project leads, or ;
  • Network with their Peers, 
  • Network with Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Network with Professional Service Providers
  • Attend Virtual Tradeshows and webinars 
  • Receive training and increase knowledge , and
  • Learn  about new business and technology trends
Through crowdsourcing and collaboration , the AsOne Supersizes its  community members’  Network and Influence .

We all  know When It Comes to Your Network, the quality of the members and how to use them  Matters.  Now , You have an opportunity to  join AsOneForce network  and be one of our community Sponsors !

The AsOne community consist of thousands of  pre screened , Dun and Bradstreet qualified and certified IT System Integrator and Infrastructure Installers  which mostly are business Owners, or IT Experts and Decision Makers .

How would you like to be an AsOne Community Supporter and Promote your values?

As a AsOne Community Supporter , we will  promote your values, Products and Services to thousands of As One members ? 

You can join us now  by  simply calling us ! (  show  the lower left hand side of screen with your hand )

You can  gain access to  thousands of  Community Members through in multiple ways, such as Community:
  • Email marketing engine
  • Newsletter
  • Virtual trade show
  • Product and service Showcase
  • Instant messaging engine
  • Webinar and much more 
or manage and Solve your Innovation, testing, and quality assurance  and Market research  ,  needs by challenging and rewarding our IT Expert Community.

We would like to share our expertise, network and promote your:
  • Products and services 
  • knowledge 
  • Information 
  • Videos 
  • Contents
  • Blogs and social media 

Contact “ As One “ Community Manager now and discover how easy is to increase both  your network & your bottom line.

You know,  we have past “ Information age”  and we are in “Networking age”and more than ever your network is your greatest  asset .  

As One Force  can add to your asset every day . Please Join and grow with us  Now! You’ll be glad you did .

As One Force : Power of  collective  crowd intelligence supersized through collaboration and Google technology.