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As-One-Force email marketing engine allows you  to personalize everything your subscribers see—signup forms, confirmation emails and more.

Custom Forms

As-One-Force allows you to personalize everything your subscribers see, including signup forms and confirmation emails.

Facebook Integration

As-One-Force  Facebook features help you make connections, add fans, and get the word out about your newsletter.

Confirmation Email

Send your new subscribers a confirmation email to thank them for signing up and confirm that they want to be on your mailing list. Make a good first impression by using MailChimp’s form‑design features to customize the thank‑you screen people see when they confirm their subscription.


Translate your forms easily by checking the “auto‑translation” box. Pro users can click “custom translation” to customize every step of the process.


View Stats

After you send a campaign, viewing stats in your Google Analytics account is easy, but Analytics360 combines your Google Analytics stats with your MailChimp campaign reports to make it even more convenient. Simply install the free add-on to see your Google Analytics data in a single report within the app.

Track Goals

Analytics360 will also track goals for you, so you can see campaign ROI, conversion rates, revenue created, and more.

Campaign–Archive Analytics

Some users will find your website through social-media shares, or from friends who forward your campaigns to them. Add Google Analytics tracking to your campaign archives and "view in browser" links to see how many people are reading your campaigns that way.