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Market Research

Crowdsourcing market research is collaborations in a massive scale at the lowest cost. Crowd is 95% more accurate than an expert (Who wants to be a millionaire ?) 

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Why Expertsource or Crowdsource market research on As-One-Force 

As-One-Force fabric 

As-One-Force is build on Google business solution, Google Apps and Google App engine, thus by nature is fully secure , scale able, available  and accessible worldwide  

Google is our engine of innovation  

Many companies are spending lots of  money and  trying very hard  to find new, innovative, and inexpensive methods through which to conduct market research.  Crowdsourcing  and expert sourcing through  As-One-Source can help manufacturers and suppliers  to find out what their customers ( IT expert and their clients )  really want through Google applications and innovations engines?

Crowdsourcing is collaborations in a massive scale .

What are the advantages of crowdsourced research?


Comparatively speaking, crowdsourced research can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.

Quick Turn Around 
The time it takes to gather, execute, and analyze is shorter thanks to a purely digital foundation.


As trends emerge in findings, researchers can easily adjust their strategy to catch any shifts or “surprises.”


Crowdsourced research allows brands to collaborate easily with customers to ideate or improve upon products, to test concepts, ads, and experiences, and to continue the conversation over a longer term.


Crowdsourced research can travel at the speed of digital, allowing for real-time consumer behavior analysis and insight for new technologies, memes, trends, and conversations.

Marketing and Marketing Research

Even though it’s frowned upon and often times refuted in traditional research, the nature of crowdsourced research implies there will be some form of marketing intertwined as consumers share their stories, insights, and ideas for brands they support.
Crowdsourced research can be very helpful in getting a quick pulse on a strategy, idea, concept, or experience before it’s released to the public. It also can be a great complement to traditional research to validate or re-validate findings after time lapses. For agencies, crowdsourcing research can be a resource saver on new business pitches while still showing the client innovation through research, not just ideas and traditional methodologies. Our agency has saved thousands of dollars, as well as enhanced the final product, by incorporating crowdsourced research into our pitch development process.

What can we do for you ?  

We can develop Google portal  based  applications in which individuals, experts, and companies come together to share, improve, and market new concepts for products and services. This portal also can be embedded or linked through your social media .

What can AOF community members can do for you ?  

  1. IT expert individuals tend to align themselves with brands that not only value their opinions, but listen to what they say and put it into action.   With more than  thousands  brand interactions and  hundreds  ideas in just one month, the promotion  and market research can be  a great success.
  2. Community members ( your  fans )  will be the first to help you create new products. They know what they need or want well before a company does, and will help drive new ideas for product development.  In reality you build and market  your products and services based on their needs on the first place, why not ask for their input first and save thousands or millions of dollars .
  3. Integrating Google + ( private club )  or Facebook ( local Pub ) with other marketing venues strengthens your overall marketing strategy.  Since social media create  many ideas (this could be a contests), the marketing package combination will drive community members ( fans )  to talk about your products and services offline as well.
  4. Community members ( your  fans )  become product and service promoters  through social media, statestics shows  55% increase in purchasing if they connect with your company online  community portal and social media and they are  more likely to buy from that page’s products or services.  If your company truly crowdsources in As-One-Force "trade show booth " ( virtual trade show )  or "show case" pages  and demonstrates a true value for their opinions, this number could increase exponentially.
  5. Crowdsourcing and expertsourcing ( thousand of  IT business owner and installer )  ideas from your fan-base drives a built-in viral marketing campaign as your fans ask their business associate  to vote on ideas, which will drive the friends to share their own ideas.  It’s  a proven and an old-fashioned referral network brought online—the more people involved in your product and service development, the more they tell their friends, which has the potential to drive revenue.

Expert sourcing is more accurate quicker and cheaper

It is proven that  traditional research is proven, scientific, and almost always reliable, there is room in many marketers’ plans for crowdsourced research. It can be a timely addition to the traditional efforts brands employ as it allows some degree of expert crowd collaboration, control, and continuity to flow between consumers and those brands interested in learning from them.

Whether for manufacturer , suppliers , service providers, brand marketers, researchers, academia or media companies, crowdsourcing research can provide insights and opinions to the team quicker and cheaper. Crowdsourced research comes from the collective voices of consumers and typically constitutes some form of digital collaboration between a brand and its community.

Traditional research is one-way, where the brand, or presiding organization, has the control and employs rigid, scientific methodologies. Crowdsourced research began with private communities  like As-One-Force.