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Testing or QA

Solve your  innovation, testing and quality assurance needs by challenging and rewarding our IT expert community

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a giant global company or a brand-new startup. Hardware and Software that works perfectly in the lab can (and will) break in the field . And once you receive complaints  from clients  and see bad publicity on the net , then  this easily  push the quality assurance (QA) departments of even companies with the greatest resources to the breaking point, too.

As-One-Force is  the largest community screened and approved  field IT system integrator and infrastructure installers in the world. Mostly we are  local  technology SMBs owners and engineers. We are  the one research and approve purchasing test equipment,  PC, Laptop,tablet, mobile device, copier printers, projectors....etc. and we also mange installation of these devices for our clients .

Then , when it comes to testing we are the best candidates since we have both knowledge and experience on the filed and in the office .

You can contact  us to get more information . 

The hot idea of the moment for manufacturers  are  to outsource their research  and development efforts to their customers ( Expert local installers ,  solution providers and clients )  . Who knows the  product better than  most loyal fans and expert employees ? If they can collectively agree on the best way to improve it, it must be good, right? We  collaborate and communicate with you by  using web 2.0 platforms   ( Getsatsifaction.com integrated  with Google Apps engine  )  to collect As-One-Force comments and seamlessly put you in touch wit them 

As One Force believes:

    • The best, most direct and least expensive sources of innovation lie outside the corporate walls .
    • Under the right circumstances, groups are remarkably intelligent, and are often smarter than the smartest people in them.”
    • Even if most of the people within a group are not especially well-informed or rational, it can still reach a collectively wise decision
    • The world is becoming too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside.
    • Extends empowerment beyond employees and consultants to include national or global expert local installers
    • Non-employees, non-paid resources providing value
    • Gain unprecedented insight into emerging markets by harnessing the capacity of thousands of global expert technology installers.