How does it work ?

How does it work ?

As-One-Force (AOF ) is an Ecosystem for the Local IT expert community,  based on information sharing and collaboration.  The Ecosystem roots and strength are in the Community Intellectual Participation and resource sharing.

Step1 - Join As-One-Force

 IT Community By Invitation-Only Membership   Join As-One-Force ,  We are looking for qualified and certified local  IT experts to Join  us. AOF is always free for  qualified community member.  

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Step2 - Understanding of Expert and CrowdSourcing  

CrowdSourcing and ExpertSourcing are a terms that business and academia have been using more and more in the past year or so.  CrowdSourcing is the process of connecting with large groups of people, via the internet,  who are gathered together for their potential knowledge, expertise, time or resources.  Expertsourcing is the process of connecting with large groups of Experts via the internet who are tapped for their knowledge, expertise, time or resources on specific subjects and problems to be solved..

Reaching out to the crowd is not a new idea.  Even before CrowdSourcing and the universal use of the Internet, we often collaborate with groups of people (I.e. universities , group thinking, brainstorming ...etc. Leveraging  "PeopleHelp"  because they were seeking a reward for their efforts or sometimes they just wanted to help. ( i.e be part of a community )

In 1714. Sailing the seven seas was necessary, but very dangerous to navigate. So, the British Government held a "contest" asking the crowd for a solution.
John Harrison answered the call ( now we call it an "open call" . like on "American Idol") . He, John Harrison,  invented the Marine Chronometer, was awarded a large cash prize for this "Expert Solution", and up to today,  Sailors use the Marine Chronometer to determine a ship’s longitude and latitude with the help from the stars, enhanced versions of the innovative technology are still in use today.

In 1858. A group of scholars created the first version of Oxford English dictionary. It was a huge project and they needed help. So they asked for the crowd (lots of volunteers) to write about different topics according to their expertise and then they put it all together in a massive volume.

The point is, relying on the crowd ( crowd intelligence ) is not really a new idea (ie on TV - 'Who wants to be Millionaire" there is you, the Expert and the Crowd, the crowd/audience is 75% more accurate than the expert ) but it was not until we got::
      1. Connected that crowd and expert sourcing came about because with the cheap , inexpensive internet, you can reach lots of people very quickly and you can direct and organize their work. 
      2. Access to Web 2.0 and cloud base powerful scale able global engines ( i.e Google, Facebook, Amazon ...etc. ) 
Consider it like this. Crowdsourcing / Expert sourcing are a way of solving problems and producing things by connecting online with people that you otherwise wouldn’t never know.

Anyone can use crowd sourcing SMBs, large enterprises , governments, groups and individuals. They can use it to grow their organizations or support their causes. There are four different ways crowdsourcing works.
  1. The first enables you to access a large online labor force. You can identify and select workers or you can just post your work and let the workers find you. 
  2. The second allows you to ask the crowd of Experts to help you find the solution to a problem. ( I.e. - Request a service
  3. A third is when knowledge exists but you need help finding and organizing it. ( I.e.
  4. The fourth is when you need ideas from the crowd and their opinion and feedback. ( As-One-Source and As-One-Force - Ask an expert )

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So as you can see, there are different ways crowdsourcing works and there are different things you can do with Crowdsourcing and Expert sourcing . When you use the crowd to help collect and organize information and deploy and install global ,. This is call  accessing distributed knowledge and action.

Register with As-One-Force  

As-One-Force IT Community is a "by Invitation-Only Membership". This is done through a simple process. Complete this form, AOF will send you the details and how you can join and receive user ID and password confirmation . Register now. As-One-Force is Free for "active" certified , authorized or licensed IT local expert   !
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What happen next

Once your invitation request has been received , we review it to make sure  you have general community profile . We clearly  look forward to learning more about you and what you hope to achieve by joining the  As-One-Force Community. It is important to emphasis As-One-Force is a private community and is " by invitation only"  membership .

We reply to all invitation requests within 5 working days. If you prefer to talk directly with our community manager , please send us an email at .

Our  community manager  will review your request. All membership requests are subject to approval based on the outlined membership qualifications. This qualification is updated based on members inputs. 

As part of our screening process, a As-One-Force  community manager will contact you to conduct a member interview and answer any questions you may have about  As-One-Force , As-One-Source, the Ecosystem and the community.

We hope to  have you  soon on As-One-Force !


Step 3 - Complete on line qualification form   

After you received  approval from AOF community manager , you are asked to complete qualification form .  As-One-Force is based on qualified, licensed and certified local IT experts.  Qualification  is also  a simple process, complete this form . 

Step 4 - Review and profile process    

We review and create a profile for you  on As-One-Source ( Lead and marketing engine ) . You also receive a ranking. Anytime we receive a project request and you submit a quote to customer , we send you company profile and AOF rating . 

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