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As-One-Force Private Community

As-One-Force Community is consist of  screen and approved   :
  1. Expert IT infrastructure installation and deployment companies ( licensed & insured )  
  2. Expert IT System installation and deployment companies ( certified and insured ) 
  3. Community supporters / alliances:
    • Suppliers
    • Manufactures 
    • Professional services
      • Legal
      • Accounting
      • Admin 
      • Banks / financing 
      • Marketing experts
      • Sales experts
      • Education and training
      • Business management
      • Business consultant 
      • Insurance
      • Medical and heath
      • Internet and SEO Engineers ( I.e. web designers , SEO and SM experts ) 
      • Government ( I.e GSA consultant )
      • Video production 
    • IT service providers 
      • Equipment financing 
      • IT cloud  and collocation providers
      • Bandwidth and CKT providers    

How can As-One-Force help my business? ( IT experts )

As-One-Force was created as a knowledge, information and resource sharing Ecosystem, focused on helping the “local“ IT deployment and installation community ( wisdom of crowd ) by providing them with :
  1. Access to Free As-One-source leads and project opportunities portal     
  2. Knowledge and know how to build  your " network ". Building your network is Job #1 since it is the your Network that connects you to new resources and opportunities.  
  3. Access to Free As-One-source leads and project opportunities portal
  5. A level playing field to compete and win small and large projects, even within these depressed economic times. These factors are taking a big bite out of the project pool which are:
    1. National technology brokers ( manage 150,000 + service tickets per month by mostly subcontracting to individuals techs and companies ).
    2. Large national installation and deployment company.
    3. Large local installation and deployment company.
    4. Local man, cell phone and a truck.
    5. Computing and technology commoditizion.
    6. Every changing technology .Technology Demand is increasing, is your traditional business footprint shrinking.
    7. Current economic down turn.
  6. Training and partnership programs with Google Apps and Google Business Solutions authorized resellers ( ) to accelerate marketing and sales operations. Doing more with less leveraging proven Google Business Solutions and Tools ( an Engine of Innovation). .Transforming office overhead staff and support from a Cost Center into a Profit Center.
  7. As-One-Force offers tremendous opportunities for the aspiring innovator and expert members . No longer does one have to hope to get their foot in the door of some large corporation and slowly work their way up the long corporate ladder. Expert sourcing eliminates doors and ladders. It is a “Meritocracy”..... The person with the best solution wins. ( level palyong field)
  8.  A “Knowledge Sharing Engine” to take advantage of our collective operations, marketing , sales and “business support and resource “ collaborative expertise. These sharing and knowledge resources include, but are not limited to:
    1. Alliance partnership program 
    2. Collaborative VAR Network & Community
    3. Sponsors/Supplier Membership program
    4. Sponsors/ manufacturing Membership program
    5. Project financing
    6. Business and contract attorneys legal services
    7. Local and national Government contract experts
    8. Business Development and M&A experts
    9. Major and Micro lending vehicles
    10. Contract writers
    11. Web developers
    12. Marketing specialist
    13. On demand workforce engine developer ( your own local technician outsourcing engine )
    14. Business advisers and consultants 
    15. Government (State, Municipal and Federal ) contract program developer and consultants
    16. Social media consultants
    17. Business video production and marketing consultants
    18. Business insurance consultant
    19. Business bonding consultants
    20. Manufactures ( Training , certification, education and sample testing ) 
    21. Suppliers ( daily best price available ) 
    22. Cloud migration consultant 
    23. Virtual trade show and conventions ($)
    24. Sales training and education ($)
    25. Market research and brand study ( thinkspeed ) - 
    26. Linked in blog writings for all the above support group 

What are the advantages of ExpertSourcing? ( IT experts )

  1. Get advice from your peers, experienced business owners and CEO/CIO/CTO..
  2. Share ideas in online problem-solving sessions.
  3. Get fresh ideas from thought leaders worldwide.
  4. Get the help you need anytime, anywhere.
  5. Delivered online for convenience and flexibility.
  6. Make business connections and learn from other business owners and CEOs.
  7. Power of collective purchasing and burgeoning 
  8. Start to Save Money by Selling New hardware and IT deployment services . Discovery with Proven Results.
  9. Remarketing existing inventory , tools and materials
  10. Accelerated Deploy, more accurate and cost efficient
  11. New project revenue 
  12. Expansion of services
  13. Collective purchase power 
  14. Daily most commonly used product pricing 
  15. Access to business knowledge base 
  16. Co-develop 
  17. Co-design, redsign
  18. Co-create 
  19. Co-improve
  20. Co-Problem Solve
  21. Co-Report
  22. Co-promote and finance
  23. Provide information 
  24. Offer opinion and advice
  25. Perform local customer service and support 24 X7
  26. Cut the cost of research and R/D and ideate
  27. Sales and marketing  collaboration
  28. Problem solving with knowledge experts
  29. Great ideas to share and consider
  30. Research and trends to help you get smart quickly
  31. Guidance that puts you on the path to success
  32. Quickly Find Peer-Tested Solutions
  33. Gain Critical Insights from IT Experts, Like You
  34. Be Recognized as an IT Leader
  35. Technical resource sharing and collaboration 
  36. Assist  you connect with people in your position at similar companies, with similar interests, who face your unique challenges – to swap  stories and share insights
  37. Community members share honest experiences, which include the good, the not so good  and all the helpful details of product deployments,  testing and projects gone wrong and challenges overcome.
  38. AOF provides the tools and support you need to bring collaboration and conversations to life. From  online Community supporters web pages, vertual trade show booth ,  discussions to offline events
  39. Helps you get value from Expert sourcing community , knowledeg sharing and collaboration.
  40. AOF helps you cut through the noise, save time  and keep up with real time IT trends, so you can reliably track what your competitions and companies in your industry and similar in size are doing. saving time and making smarter decision at the same time

How can As-One-Force assist Community Supporters & Alliances

As-One-Force is consist of thousands of  IT system installers and integrators serving millions of businesses locally and world wide . The AOF ecosystem is designed to empower  B2B and B2C sales and marketing  efforts . Being close to thousands of IT business owners and their clients network have its advantages among them :   

  1. Manufacturers and suppliers  :
    1. Can significantly boost  project leads through  IT expert  leads network 
    2. Can significantly boost project leads through through As-One-Source 
    3. Can use the community ( Pre-screened IT  service professionals )  to connect its own customers, which include both consumers and professionals.
    4. Can use the community and cloud based portal to provide full life cycle products and services ( installation and support ) to  both consumers and professionals.
    5. Are sharing many of the same core values around forward thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, excellent customer service, commitment to quality, and empowering IT service professionals , consumers and clients .
    6. Can provide national visibility , traction and deployment .
    7. Can assist  transition to " network " selling rather than individual selling 
    8. Suppliers can compete in the e-commerce space against key rivals  ( virtual / cloud  manufacture , distributor and suppliers ) 
    9. Can create tighter relationships with the IT systems installation and deployment companies   that are using their products in cities around the country and world. This could lead to better feedback, better advertising opportunities and the ability to push certain new products on those that use them most.
    10. Improve the way consumers find and book IT services and material purchase  together. 
    11. Can take advantage of  AOF and AOS business model offering  different angles of service directories and suggestions sites which had left room for a IT professional services sites with on-demand LM&E quotes.
  2. Professional services  :
    1. Can 
  3. IT service providers :  

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