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Community supporter benefits

As-One-Force support Community is consist of  screen and approved:

  1. Community supporters / alliances:
    • Suppliers
    • Manufactures 
    • Professional services
      • Legal
      • Accounting
      • Admin 
      • Banks / financing 
      • Marketing experts
      • Sales experts
      • Education and training
      • Business management
      • Business consultant 
      • Insurance
      • Medical and heath
      • Internet and SEO Engineers ( I.e. web designers , SEO and SM experts )  
      • Government ( I.e GSA consultant )
      • Video production 
    • IT service providers 
      • Equipment financing 
      • IT cloud  and collocation providers
      • Bandwidth and CKT providers    

How can As-One-Force  assist Community Supporters and aliances

As-One-Force is consist of thousands of  IT system installers and integrators serving millions of businesses locally and world wide . The AOF ecosystem is designed to empower  B2B and B2C sales and marketing  efforts . Being close to thousands of IT business owners and their clients network have its advantages among them :   

  1. Manufacturers and suppliers  :
    1. Can significantly boost  project leads through  IT expert  leads network 
    2. Can significantly boost project leads through through As-One-Source 
    3. Can use the community ( Pre-screened IT  service professionals )  to connect its own customers, which include both consumers and professionals.
    4. Can use the community and cloud based portal to provide full life cycle products and services ( installation and support ) to  both consumers and professionals.
    5. Are sharing many of the same core values around forward thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, excellent customer service, commitment to quality, and empowering IT service professionals , consumers and clients .
    6. Can provide national visibility , traction and deployment .
    7. Can assist  transition to " network " selling rather than individual selling 
    8. Suppliers can compete in the e-commerce space against key rivals  ( virtual / cloud  manufacture , distributor and suppliers ) 
    9. Can create tighter relationships with the IT systems installation and deployment companies   that are using their products in cities around the country and world. This could lead to better feedback, better advertising opportunities and the ability to push certain new products on those that use them most.
    10. Improve the way consumers find and book IT services and material purchase  together. 
    11. Can take advantage of  AOF and AOS business model offering  different angles of service directories and suggestions sites which had left room for a IT professional services sites with on-demand LM&E quotes.
  2. Professional services  :
    1. Can 
  3.  IT service providers : 
    1. Can