There is no " We or I " in As-One-Force private community . As-One-Force is about "US ".

We did not want to  make a prior assumptions about how the work needs to be done, we want to leave it really open -ended, giving you ( the community members ) the tools you need to talk and give you the tools you need to self organize since the technology and procedures changes all the time. We know , its is a very human process of members talking and could not replicate that by baking a centralized voting mechanism in to As-One-Force portal.

It is very important that we continually work on  maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism , trust and respect .

The idea is simple . " in order for us to do well, we need to do Good ".

As-One-Force is consist of US:

  1. Community manager
    1. Our 1st Community manager is Mr. David Khorram . ( )
  2. Community organizer
    1. State University of Fullerton :
      • College of the Arts
      • College of Business and Economics
    2. As-One-Force and as-One-Source staff - With Collective 200+  years of IT system installation , infrastructure deployment , national roll out  
  3. Community portal developers
    1. State University of Fullerton 
      • College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
    2. As-One-Force and as-One-source staff 
  4. Community board of advisers
    1. Erick Kreidler   - , (MBA - MS )
    2. Dr. Joe Greco   - ( PHD ) 
    3. David Khorram - ( MSEE ) ( SMB with 20 years of IT system installation. integration , and national deployment experience ) 
    4. Stephen Gutierres -    ( MIT- USC school of management  )   
  5. Community supporters and affiliates
  6. Community IT expert members ( Basic )
  7. Community participant / contributor 
  8. Community Supper contributor