1. 1 Is there a cost to Joining and being part of As-One-Force?
  2. 2 As-One-Force core idialogy
  3. 3 What is As-One-Force ?
  4. 4 What As-One-Force is not !
  5. 5 What is As-One-Source?
  6. 6 How can As-One-Force help my business?
  7. 7 What are the advantages of ExpertSourcing?
  8. 8 What is the Alliance Partnership Program:
  9. 9 What is the Collaborative VAR Network & Community
  10. 10 What is the Sponsors/Supplier Membership program ?
  11. 11 How and who do we deliver our services to ?
  12. 12 What is the As-One-Force Platform?
  13. 13 Why weave “Google”, into the fabric of As-On-Force?
  14. 14 What business functions are handled by As-One-Force?
  15. 15 Why verifications and screening ?
  16. 16 Can you provide some examples of how people use As-One-Force?
  17. 17 What is the cost of Joining and being part of As-One-Force?
  18. 18 Why use As-One-Force when I am already using multiple systems to manage my business ?
  19. 19 What types of work can we use As-One-Force platform for?
  20. 20 Is there an API that supports ?
  21. 21 What if we need help getting started?
  22. 22 Do I pay a fee to As-One-Force for services, information and leads ?
  23. 23 How is Project insurance/bonding provided ?
  24. 24 How about If AS-One-Source Have forgotten anything?
  25. 25 Who can use As-One-Force?
  26. 26 Can I create projects and be included in projects at the same time?
  27. 27 Where is As-One-Force available?
  28. 28 How do I learn more about As-One-Force?
  29. 29 What browsers is As-One-Force optimized for?
  30. 30 What is As-One-Force virtual convention ?
  31. 31 What is As-One-Force market research and market survey ?
  32. 32 Our Promise of accuracy and Integrity
  33. 33 What market As-One-Force serves ?
  34. 34 What services AsOneForce community members deliver ?
  35. 35 What is  As-One-Force building blocks ?
  36. 36 What is  As-One-Force principals and compliances ?
  37. 37 What is collective action ?
  38. 38 What is networking ?
  39. 39 What is coordination?
  40. 40 What is cooperation ?
  41. 41 What is collaboration ?
  42. 42 What is collective intelligence  ?
  43. 43 What is collaborative innovation ?
  44. 44 What is collaborative innovation / As-One-Force horsepower  ?

Is there a cost to Joining and being part of As-One-Force?

As-one-Force is always free to join and it is free to the entire “active” network of screened and approved members .(Licence, registration and certification is a must ! )

As-One-Force core idialogy

  1. We need and value your input to build and operate As-One-Force for “us “. When “we” Share Ideas, provide constructive feed-back and ask the hard questions that no one dare’s to ask to improve and enhance the AOF for all members.
  2. Great minds think alike , Clever minds think together.
  3. When All of US, Can be Smarter Than Any of Us ! and collectively as, "As"-"One"-"Force" , we will take on large opportunities and compete worldwide with the best value solution.
  4. Work local,yet, think Global.
  5. In order for us to do well , we need to do good . 

What is As-One-Force ?

As-One-Force is the largest network of Certified or Licensed IT Deployment Experts in the world.

As-One-Force is about harnessing a new mode of business,production and information sharing to take innovation and wealth creation to new levels.

As-one-Force is always free to join and it is free to the entire network of screened and approved members . ( Licence, registration and certification is a must ! ) AOF employs:
  1. Power of collective action and wisdom
  2. Power of collective Intelligence
  3. Power of expert local IT service provider (power of local ExpertSourcing )
  4. Power of Google World Class Applications and Technology Engines
As-One-Force builds and maintains cohesive network of up-to-date diverse technology skills and expertise in local teams focused on delivering on-time, on-budget successful technology implementations for local deployment, regional installation and national rollouts for the Enterprise.
As-One-Force brings the opportunity to collaborate in large multi discipline technology rollouts for the local Expert, without large burdensome overhead and expensive logistics support systems.
We provide rich qualitative data on market and customer perceptions for such tasks as IT product development and testing, advertising testing, consumer surveys, feasibility analysis, and brand image development.

What As-One-Force is not !

As-One-Force is not a broker of independent field service contractor-technicians. Nor an IT system deployment engineer broker for the infrastructure, computer services and consumer electronics industries. In local project engagement, you get paid directly by clients (no middle man involved ) .

What is As-One-Source?

The world’s largest technology deployment ExpertSourcing platform. As-One-Source is CrowdSourcing marketing and lead generating engine for As-One-Force members. .(www.asonesource.com )

How can As-One-Force help my business?

As-One-Force was created as a knowledge and information sharing Expert Ecosystem, focused on helping the “local“ IT deployment and installation community ( wisdom of crowd ) by providing them with :
  1. A level playing field to compete and win small and large projects, even within these depressed economic times. These factors are taking a big bite out of the project pool which are:
    • National technology brokers ( manage 150,000 + service tickets per month by mostly ) subcontracting to individuals techs and companies ).
    • Large national installation and deployment company.
    • Large local installation and deployment company.
    • Local man, cell phone and a truck.
    • Computing and technology commoditizion.
    • Every changing technology .Technology Demand is increasing, is your traditional business footprint shrinking.
    • Current economic down turn.
  2. A national lead sharing engine and management process ( www.asonesource.com )
  3. Training and partnership programs with Google Apps and Google Business Solutions authorized resellers (www.innovaaccelerator.com ) to accelerate marketing and sales operations. Doing more with less leveraging proven Google Business Solutions and Tools ( an Engine of Innovation). .Transforming office overhead staff and support from a Cost Center into a Profit Center.
  4. As-One-Force offers tremendous opportunities for the aspiring innovator and expert members . No longer does one have to hope to get their foot in the door of some large corporation and slowly work their way up the long corporate ladder. Expert sourcing eliminates doors and ladders. It is a “Meritocracy”..... The person with the best solution wins. 
  5. A “Knowledge Sharing Engine” to take advantage of our collective operations, marketing , sales and “business support and resource “ collaborative expertise. These sharing and knowledge resources include, but are not limited to:
    • Alliance partnership program 
    • Collaborative VAR Network & Community
    • Sponsors/Supplier Membership program
    • Sponsors/ manufacturing Membership program
    • Project financing
    • Crowd funding experts
    • Business and contract attorneys legal services
    • Local and national Government contract experts
    • Business Development and M&A experts
    • Major and Micro lending vehicles
    • Contract writers
    • Web developers
    • Access to academic resources for research and R/D.
    • Marketing specialist
    • On demand workforce engine developer ( your own local technician outsourcing engine )
    • Business advisers and consultants 
    • Government (State, Municipal and Federal ) contract program developer and consultants
    • Social media consultants
    • Business video production and marketing consultants
    • Business insurance consultant
    • Business bonding consultants
    • Manufactures ( Training , certification, education and sample testing ) 
    • Suppliers ( daily best price available ) 
    • Cloud migration consultant 
    • Virtual trade show and conventions
    • Sales training and education
    • Market research and brand study
    • Linked in blog writings for all the above support group 

What are the advantages of ExpertSourcing?

  1. Get advice from your peers, experienced business owners and CEO/CIO/CTO..
  2. Share ideas in online problem-solving sessions.
  3. Get fresh ideas from thought leaders worldwide.
  4. Get the help you need anytime, anywhere.
  5. Delivered online for convenience and flexibility
  6. Make business connections and learn from other business owners and CEOs.
  7. Power of collective purchasing and burgeoning
  8. Start to Save Money by Selling New hardware and IT deployment services . Discovery with Proven Results.
  9. Remarketing existing inventory , tools and materials 

What is the Alliance Partnership Program:

As-One-Force community members – Achieve Expanded Value through the generation of revenue by capturing marketshare in new Innovative ways. Generating incremental revenue selling their own solutions to other members, who then “resell” in their local “markets of influence and opportunity”. The potential to capture more high margin solution opportunities to deliver to clients. Expand geographic reach, with upgraded C-Level Management client relationships, utilizing and leveraging AOF access to senior level Advisory Management resources, special As-One-Force revenue programs and business accelerating experiences.

What is the Collaborative VAR Network & Community

As-One-Force Support / Sponsors / Supplier Members / and community members is an “instant channel”....Quickly expand your partner channel with member companies. Leveraging members, 1000+ sales people, 1000+ engineers and 1000+ clients. We also promote and support them at industry events and executive summits.

What is the Sponsors/Supplier Membership program ?

As-One-Force Alliance Partners achieve strategic advantage, create programs for generating new revenue and expand market share, through their active participation and contribution as an AOF member. Cost sharing divides while resources collaboration multiply, as they are used to conduct Industry council events, webinars, video production show cases, virtual events and numerous other marketing awareness programs. Entering into new markets, creating a stronger presence in their existing marketplace and promoting/publishing industry specific news ( i.e. Communications/ Connectivity, Medical/Dental Procedures, etc.). AOF membership will enhance your business through a collaborative expert sourcing and partner-to-partner business model.

How and who do we deliver our services to ?

You receive Free project leads and opportunities directly from As-One-Force and As-One-Source thru our Lead Generation Engine. Then you can choose to ;
  1. Submit your proposal or quote on the offered project
  2.  Receive clients approval
  3. Service , install or deploy technology
  4. Receive client sign off
  5. Get paid directly by client
  6. Get ranked by an As-One-Force and client’s for your delivery installation or deployment

What is the As-One-Force Platform?

As-One-Force platform is based on Google technology, leveraging their network, resources and functionality globally. AOF is based upon several key foundational building block components as assembled, enhanced and maintained in a global network, running 24 hours X 7 Days X 365 days/year, continuously, year after year. This network, of technology (CLOUD) is managed, enhanced and upgraded continuously; some of these foundational building blocks include:
  1. Google Apps
  2. Google Business Applications
  3. Google Sites
  4. Google Apps Engine
  5. Google Apps Marketplace
As-One -Force platform consists of the following components:

  1. AsOneForce-Home 
  2. How it works Benefits
  3. Blog 
  4. Member benefits 
  5. Contact Us
  6. Enter to win 
  7. Event calendar 
  8. Installer benefits
  9. Marketing assistance
  10. News Project 
  11. Training
  12. Reduce operational cost 
  13. Resource Library Resources
  14. Sales Training 
  15. Take your best shot contest
  16. Thought leader contest 
  17. Video Training 
  18. What is As-One-Force

Why weave “Google”, into the fabric of As-On-Force?

  1. Google is our engine of innovation as they expand , we expand worldwide.
  2. Success is built into Google, so as in As-One-Force
  3. As-One engines is “built to last” , operations, up time, security, backup and redundancy SLA’s(Service Level Agreements) are 99.9% in the Google Secure Cloud . Our system has to be good or even better than fortune 500 .
  4. As-One-Force is global and it is free to its members so its operational has to be worldwide , manageable and cost effective.

What business functions are handled by As-One-Force?

  1. Development , improvement and maintenance of As-One-Force ( Ecosystem ) and As-One-Source (Marketing ) engines. Receive project leads and forward them to local community members ( free ) 
  2. As-One-Force community building, member screening and, verification and project ranking database maintenance and update.
  3. As-One-Force support community building, empowering and enrichment of community with business related experts.
  4. As-One-Force contests design , deployment , announcements and prize award.
  5. Community Support Management
    • Add new Community Support vendors to As-One-Force
    • Use As-One-source to expand your service reach
    • Communicate easily with all clients and members
    • Background Screening
    • Identity Verification and Screenings
    • Back ground registration ( D&B, BICSI, BBB...etc. ) education and sign up
    • Background verification
  6.  Contract licence and registration verification 
  7. Competency Validation
    • Certification and license information is kept on As-One-Force's ( Google secure server ) server
    • Rate professionals and read reviews on past performance
    • Create skills assessment tests to qualify members skills
    • Add the specialized data to qualified members portfolio
  8. Collect and post clients project report and member’s ranking .
  9. Communicate in “Real-time” . Be informed of issues as they arise enabling speedy resolution using ASAPnow.com mobile communications engine .

Why verifications and screening ?

Screenings and verification , - lets everyone in the As-One-Force network and client community, know that you're safe to work with and a safe bet. We collect information and document your background, credit analysis, certification/accreditation validations and registration, for completeness and validity Additionally, verify that you are that “local’ Expert IT Deployment Company. Once completed, the results are posted to your profile and provide verification for everyone in the As-One-Force network and client’s community . We work based on trust , loyalty and knowledge and information sharing.

Can you provide some examples of how people use As-One-Force?

First, join As-One-Force and provide us with your company values and information. Then assist us to build a better expert community by participation and answering Clients/member questions and input. Ask us any of the questions you have, and share your ideas and feedback. Information sharing is the fuel of the As-One Engines .
What Google does using machine intelligence, As-One-Force does by Expert Human Intelligence. Just consider how much “you” or your clients will benefits and the information/Knowledge networks than can be built by getting answers to the question from thousands of experts .

          Example of “your” questions :
How to get conversions (get calls), What are the best practices of getting ranked higher and get to the 1st page of a search, using search engine capabilities for local marketing ( I.e Google places,,Yahoo Local, Bing Business Portal,Yelp for Business Owners ) ?
Example of “member or community support member” answer :
If you have not recently chosen to improve your organizations marketing efforts this year, I hope you’ll reconsider.
Why? Because there are so many “free” opportunities out there! It may be hard to spend money on marketing (especially if you’ve never done it before and are unsure of the results), but when it’s “free” — come on! Don’t let another month go by without checking out these 4 sites that will help you get found:, get conversing and get calls regarding your business and professional services . Yoiu can now be “available” to your local clients ( web and Internet search) and customers at moment of their relevant need and desire to purchase They want you, when they need you, Now !

Google Places for Business
This one is a must. Your business is probably already out there with a Google Places listing and you don’t even know it. We have developed a simple set of instructions for helping you get this done. Click here and enter your business name and email—I’ll send you the link to your Google Places listing and instructions for claiming your listing (or how to do it from scratch if you aren’t listed yet). Once again, there is no cost or obligation, this one is my way of showing you I care . See how it works :

  1. http://www.innovaaccelerator.com/services/citations
  2. Yahoo Local
  3. Bing Business Portal
  4. Yelp for Business Owners
  5. Getting your business properly listed is a commitment of work, but once you get the visibility in the world of web search ( the NEW YELLOW PAGES) you will reap numerous business and revenue benefits
As a member of AOF, you’ll have everything you need to compete and exceed over your competition. Once you complete the few steps to fully join in with AOF, your local business, will now be able to become a “National Enterprise”.
Believe it or not there are many more places you can get your business listed for free (at least 50)! Getting these4 done is a major step in the right direction. If you want more information click on :

Remember to lead people back to your website whenever possible. Our members report they get from 1 to 3 calls a day ( project calls and enquiries ) . Some for small and some for large projects. These calls comes from local and nationwide clients for local projects .
If you have any questions and need help , click on following links:
Contact As-One-Force for “ Google places registrations best practices “ handbook. This was developed by Innova ( one of our members ) ,hey are on 1st pages of over 90 of their local cities .
This type of marketing is accessible 24X7X365 and will be part of your company’s intangible assets.

Example of “Client” questions :

We are planning to install Cat5e cabling , switches and infrastructure for about 500 users in our new facility located at Tampa, Florida. We need to know what are the best practices when it comes to installing wired or wireless technology, considering the Florida weather and issues with wireless technology coverage and security concerns.

Example of “member” answer :

From: Paul Dover and Scott Harris

Well, It has always been possible to implement a wireless LAN’s. But, what has always hampered their use has been the physical environment. For example, concrete walls full of rebar create an antenna array and the only way thru with high speed is via a perpendicular angle of attack otherwise dispersion becomes an issue for very low angles of attack. Second issue is security… anything wireless is unsecure (remember my old saying “if it was conceived by a man another man can figure it out”) WEP/WPA can be breached. So, my neighbor could ride my IPTV but he has to have a set top box which are available on the black market (and have always been). MIMO is a complicated technology and is heavily dependent on stable inputs to produce stable outputs (it’s nothing more than a multiplexing technology). It is heavily used at cellular sites and works well

Last thought, any wireless RF is heavy on protocol overhead, don’t be fooled by the stated throughput. An excellent cabled Ethernet system can get a maximum of 95%, the rest is eaten up by Ethernet overhead. Wireless requires more overhead capacity due to the interference that may be encountered, extra security, compression, MIMO processing, etc.

There’s more, but think Greenfield versus Brownfield environments. How many times have AP’s been installed and additional ones had to be added because of unforeseen signal strength issues that were not uncovered in the initial modeling?

Also notice the limited offering of applications; streaming video, large file transfers, etc. These can be very expensive… as a user it doesn’t help me type faster nor read faster… to me, to try and fit to the individual is a waste of bandwidth; that’s why plain old cabled Ethernet has always won out in the end for the last 35 years….

Add to that, I can’t tell you what sources of interference I would encounter today in the 5ghz range must less tomorrow…. How about with my neighbors? Every source of interference is added overhead…

What is the cost of Joining and being part of As-One-Force?

As-one-Force is always free to to join and it is free to its network of screened and approved members . ( Licence, registration and certification is a must ! )

Why use As-One-Force when I am already using multiple systems to manage my business ?

I am using the other service ,  why do I need to join As-One-Force:

  1. You know As-One-Force is Free and our business model is based on the Power of Collective Knowledge Sharing and the value of revenue generated based on this concept.
  2. As-One- force is free to members and As-One-source is free to both clients and members . Our business model is also different since As-One-Force is not a project broker and ;
    • Client and Customer pays you directly, not the As-One-Force Organization
    • Members respond to the specific needs of businesses that are meeting labor demand on an as needed basis in members local area
    • It is the only solution that allows you to work directly for, get paid directly from, find and manage on demand employees, consultants & freelancers on a, fully integrated, web-based and cloud enabled high performance, adaptable platform.
    • It is the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing assignments, complex technology implementation projects and the high skilled expert workforce that is the face of the solution.
    • There are no license fees to use As-One-Force’s software
    • As-One-Force has no transaction, processing nor maintenance fees

What types of work can we use As-One-Force platform for?

Any IT related project type. We have seen large and small businesses, freelancers, consultants, As-One-Force community members and a wide variety of on-demand professionals using our platform. The platform provides benefits for companies as small as one person as well as large enterprise users. This platform performs best for small, large multi-loaction national rollouts regardless of the complexity The professional skills base is un matched!

Is there an API that supports ?

Is there an API that supports the connection and/or integration into As-One-Force directly?
Yes , We understand that some of members build work management systems or use other tools to deliver assignments. As-One-Force's API facilitate a seamless transition to our platform. For more information, contact us . 

What if we need help getting started?

As-One-Force has an expert team of people dedicated to helping you get started and always available on-demand to answer questions. Contact As-One-Force's member Services Team.

Do I pay a fee to As-One-Force for services, information and leads ?

Nop ! NO.NO .NO Never.! Nada !

How is Project insurance/bonding provided ?

As-One-Force is a community of established , expert IT deployment professionals in their working area . This is our main differentiation from drive by , man and truck , project brokers/garage business model . We are community of professionals with years of local technology deployment expertise and naturally we have our own insurances and licenses, and professional assurances

You provide professional coverage against errors and omissions that might occur on-site, as well as business interruptions and general liability, workman's comp and other related assurances This is your business and your work and your profitability Very large, national rollouts may require special features and coverages on an as needed basis that would be addressed when and where that project requires.

How about If AS-One-Source Have forgotten anything?

Send your ideas to As-One-Force's “ send your thoughts and ideas, via the “feed back “ portal . You may even receive a gift ..for that great “expert” idea!

Who can use As-One-Force?

Any qualified IT installation and deployment business. Just sign up and start using it now. We have clients with 2 to 10,000 employees and they manage 20-30 contractors on As-One-Source system as well as multi-billion dollar companies that manage thousands .

As-One-Source portal is always free to use for you and your clients. You have a choice to select, work with and pay the expert local installer and deployment company directly . Or have a choice to select and experienced As-One-Source project team member to deliverable manage your project ( I.e multi- technologies and / or , multi -sites ) using the As-One-Source local expert for you and/or use the option to have a single source of contact and accountability.

This is extremely important point since now As-One-Force community members can market, manage, install and deploy multi-technologies and multi-sites for local corporate clients which have area, regional and national offices, warehouses, stores and locations for their projects

Can I create projects and be included in projects at the same time?

Yes, on one account. As-One-Source Project resource Platform makes it easy by allowing you to do both simultaneously using the same account, tools, and settings.

Where is As-One-Force available?

Worldwide. Plans to launch As-One-Force in other countries are underway, please check back for updates. Our partner and member base continues to grow and expand and cover the global geography, one Expert at a time

How does work get assigned on As-One-Force?
Project gets done in As-One-Source ( marketing , sales and project management engine ) . As-One-Force is an Ecosystem designed for collective knowledge sharing,training and empowerment.
Your input and participation is recorded and is a must . the more you contribute , the more power , network and information you get . Portal is designed to gives you easy access to qualified professionals. The Google search tool on As-One-Force allow you to select from the entire marketplace of available .

How do I learn more about As-One-Force?

We would be glad to provide you with as much information as you need. Our team and members are available to provide a demo or learn about your business. Click here to contact us today. https://www.asoneforce.com/contactus

What browsers is As-One-Force optimized for?

You can access As-One-Force wherever you have an Internet connection. Our platform is fully supported by:
legal : https://www.asone.com/tos ( this is the legal langue )

What is As-One-Force virtual convention ?

 You are aware of new economic reality and enabling technologies including the Internet and web 2.0. The rules of marketing are changing fast. Prospects have lost patience for the same tired campaign.  They are busy and have a little time and no budget to travel, learn and network.
 As One Force Virtual Convention is an on demand Global marketing platform that engages your customers, clients, and prospects conveniently from their desktop anytime and anyplace .
As One Force Virtual Convention is built on a perpetual persistent customer engagement business model and Global collaborative platform. By accessing    
As One Force Virtual  Convention, you can inquire, download, chat, collaborate, and learn all from the convenience of your desktop.
 With As One Force Virtual  Convention we can launch virtual events, virtual convention, online job fairs, trade shows, virtual business environments, recruiting events, virtual collaboration and much more. 
 Check As One Force Virtual Fair by Click in here . Our clients will tell you that our solution and techniques deliverers impressive results.
This is truly a Green way to advertise and market your product , no physical event, No print advertising, no email marketing and no travel . You also get High-quality, low-cost leads nationally & Globally 24x7x365. 

Welcome to world of As One Force Virtual Fair and welcome to engaging customers in global digital world.

What is As-One-Force market research and market survey ?

Direct market feedback from pre-screened Expert IT implementation and deployment professionals.

Market research, an integral part of an informed business strategy, typically relies on the knowledge of industry analysts and vendor marketing for insight. As-One-Force believes it has the best ExpertSourcing model that take advantage of the collective Expert IT installation and deployment community intelligence and expertise to provide accurate, informed market research more in tune with consumers’ purchasing decisions. Using a “curated crowdsourcing” format, As-One-Force engages portions of its 3,000-strong community to generate market research for technology companies, investment professionals, IT users and decision makers and the like.

As-One-Force conducts primary research studies from a pool of over 3000 IT expert installation and deployment participants and university management research staff and scientist in United states and worldwide. The results of each research survey are indexed and tabulated using a collaborative, ExpertSourcing and analytical framework which provides a solid basis for deriving fact-based analysis and findings.

Our research provides specific insight by industry sector, company size, and geography, as well as by job role, business process and technology.

Our Promise of accuracy and Integrity

Our Promise of Integrity is the bedrock from which As-One-Force research is developed. Each primary study looks at the pressures businesses face, the actions they take to meet the challenges, the capabilities they possess, and the enablers they use set them apart from their competition as they demonstrate their abilities meet the demands of the market.

As-One-Force research and analysis are conducted independent of external influence, developing findings based on quantitative context through the interpretive view of trained analysts.

What market As-One-Force serves ?

  1. Government
  2. Heath care
  3. Education 
  4. Commercial 
  5. Industrial

What services AsOneForce community members deliver ?

  1. Large and SMBs :
    • Services to clients with multiple national locations require Delivering a unified and unparalleled level of service 
    • Services to client national rollout and dedicated professional account representative requirement
    • Local and nationwide  managed services
    • Single Point of contact and accountability
    • Total installation solution , One stop for all installation and deployment projects
    • 24x7  nationwide support services
    • On line, real time project or service  ordering , tracking and status reporting 
    • Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling
    • Backbone and CKT ( analog , digital , T1 ..etc. ) extension, cross connect and testing
    • Copper Cabling  ( I.e coax, audio , video , surveillance)
    • Router , switch and hardware Rack and stack
    • HUB room, MDF and wiring closet  design and installation
    • HUB room, MDF and wiring close redesign or clean up
    • Data center hardware installation 
    • Data center clean up and rack / stack
    • Fiber backbone installation 
    • Component and software loading and integration
    • Network conversions and upgrades
    • Technology upgrade, Conversion and remediation 
    • Digital Signage Installation & deployment
    • Large screen TV and projectors cabling and installation
    • Kiosks / ATMs Roll-out Installation Services
    • WAN / LAN / WLAN installation
    • A/P  coverage design and installation
    • Intercom, Music & Paging Systems
    • Surveillance Cameras / CCTV
    • Staging, configuration / imaging & Asset Management
    • Specialty Cabling Solutions
    • Security / Physical Access Control / Fire Alarm Systems Installation
    • Vendor Management - Single Point of Contact
    • Nationwide Technology Rollout
    • Moves, Adds and Changes
    • UPS installation and Battery replacement support
    • Site survey, assessment and information portal
    • On demand work force for temporary project staffing
    • Project and deployment web design
    • Office technology system installation ( site survey, design, programming and installation )
    • Phone systems, Voice mail ( Digital, Digital Hybrid and VOIP systems )
    • WIFI , Access point ( AP ) system 
    • Public Announcement ( PA ) system
    • Video Surveillance and camera system 
    • Video distribution systems, large screen TV and monitoring and signage
    • POS and Scanner system 
  2. Small requiring :
    • Cabling
    • POS
    • Networking
    • Business Data Backup & Recovery
    • Business Network Administration
    • Managed Services
    • Remote Support
    • Business Software Upgrade
    • Digital signage installation
    • Kiosk installation
    • Server setup
    • VOIP services
    • Consulting Services
    • ATM Installation
    • IT Asset life cycle management 
    • On-Demand IT services
    • Business Services
    • Low Voltage Cabling (Voice, Data, Video)
    • VoIP, PBX & Phone Set-up & Installation
    • Point of Sale Installation & Deinstallation
    • Remote & Local Office Networking
    • Computer Set-up & Repair
    • Audio / Video Services
    • Security Camera Installation & Repair
  3. CKT installation : 
    • DSL
    • Cable
    • Wireless
    • Fast Ethernet
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • DS-3 to OC Level Services
    • MPLS
    • Point to Point Circuits
    • T1
    • Multi-Bonded T1's
    • DS3 and above
    • Backbone extension 
  4. Residential:
    • HDTV & Home Theater Installation
    • Electronics Recycling
    • PC Set-up & Repair
    • Cable & Internet Outlet Installation
    • VoIP Set-up & Installation
    • Wireless Network

What is  As-One-Force building blocks ?

  1. Community member attention is a fundamental building block of social cooperation
  2. Humans / Expert IT members are the supper computers that by their collaborations can create knowledge and wealth   
  3. Innovative social institutions continually will co evolve and improve
  4. Reciprocating cooperation punishing noncooperation

What is  As-One-Force principals and compliances ?

  1. As-One-Force group boundary are clearly defined ( Community manager,community  members, clients, community sponsors and alliance partners )
  2. rules governing collective goods are well matched to participation and local need and condition
  3. Most individuality affected by these rules can participate in modifying the rules
  4. The right of community members to devise their own rules is respected by external authorities 
  5. As-One-Source system monitors members behavior , community members themselves under take some of this monitoring  
  6. If required a graduated system of sanction is used
  7. If Required community members have access to low cost conflict resolution mechanism  

What is collective action ?

Collective action is the pursuit of a goal or set of goals by more than one person. 

What is networking ?

Networking is a fundamental business and life skill. It is the ongoing process of building and developing an interconnected web of mutually beneficial relationships. In other words, you meet people and build some kind of relationship with them, whether it’s a deep friendship or occasional business contact. You strengthen relationships by communicating with people, providing them with things they need, finding common interests, and doing things together. The relationship is cemented when the other person finds a way to help you in the form of information, support, or business referrals. It is a cycle of actions, interactions, and follow-up.

What is coordination?

    Coordination is when all involved parties share information and agree to modify their activities for mutual benefit. 

    What is cooperation ?

    Cooperation or co-operation is the process of working or acting together. In its simplest form it involves things working in harmony, side by side, while in its more complicated forms, it can involve something as complex as the inner workings of a human being or even the social patterns of a nation. It is the alternative to working separately in competition. Cooperation can also be accomplished by computers, which can handle shared resources simultaneously, while sharing processor time. 

    What is collaboration ?

    Collaboration is working together to realize shared goals, (this is more than the intersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, but a deep, collective, determination to reach an identical objective — for example, an intriguing[improper synthesis?] endeavor  that is creative in nature—by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus. Most collaboration requires leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a decentralized and egalitarian group.[6] In particular, teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.Collaboration is also present in opposing goals exhibiting the notion of adversarial collaboration, though this is not a common case for using the word.

    What is collective intelligence  ?

    In classic formation , collective intelligence refers to a situation where no body knows everything , every body knows something , and what any given member knows is accessible to any other member upon request on ad hoc basis . The networking culture give rise to new structures of power which steam from ability of diverse group of people to poll knowledge collaborate through reserach and debate   

    What is collaborative innovation ?

    1. Web is primary example of " network enabled " collaboration on scale never possible before.
    2. Google business solution , Apps, App Engine and Apps market place are  efficient, secure , world class scale able web engine (s ) which is available at extremely low cost and low over head . This has never been possible to SMBs   before.
    3. Combination 1 and 2 provided As-One-Force with collaborative innovation ( "The architecture of participation and collaboration" ) with social arm of trust , sharing , reciprocity enable us and Local IT expert  to accomplish tasks and objectives together in a novel ways that has never been possible before .

    What is collaborative innovation / As-One-Force horsepower  ?

    1. Relevant information can be found easier
    2. Relevant  knowledge is aggregated easier and faster
    3. R/D is conducted and  completed  in massive scale
    4. Solution can be created  easier and faster
    5. Problem can be solved through collective intelligence 
    6. News is gathered 
    7.  Community is formed with participation
    8. Project can be deployed and completed   easier, faster and extremely cost efficient and accurate