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Why to network in AsOneForce community

information age (Web 1.0 ) was  about content. But , The networking age (Web 2.0  ) is all about relationships, network  and how those relationships are the conduit for increasing your marketing ,  sales and revenue . AsOneForce Virtual community is built on Google technology ( engine of growth and innovation ) and is
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You know by now the job market doesn’t operate the way it used to. In today’s economy, people and businesses should look at their network of personal and professional contacts as a company and try advance their career and business  through building their network.
  • Offline world was nice and simple
  • Web 1.0: global publication, old media/publish models
  • Web 2.0: social networking, user generated content -
    Convergence of producer and consumer, , distributor, suppliers and professional services 
  • Web 3.0?: mass personalisation, semantic web - It’s not just your friends who know you and what you mean

Network Literacy

Unfortunately, there’s not a college course you can take to become proficient at networking So, Hoffman ( Linkedin Co founder ) , who We think we can safely call a professional networker, shared his four tips for network literacy as follow :

Tip #1- Understand new technology

Technology doesn’t make us social, but it does augment our ability to connect with new people ( and , network of thousands IT system integrators and infrastructure installation companies and business owners worldwide ) . Your that while his immediate AsOne force network consists of 4000 companies , This can connect you to over 15 million people through third degree connections. (In case you were wondering, that’s more than the entire population of Greece and Portugal.)

Tip #2- Know your network identity

“In a networked age, identity is not so simply determined. Your identity is actually multivariate, distributed and partly out of your control. Who you know shapes who you are,” says Hoffman. The actions you perform and the content you distribute on social networking and co sites and other online communities not only influences people’s opinion of you but also shapes who you are as a person. Make sure you’re creating the identity you desire.

Tip #3- Have network intelligence

These days, it’s not as much about finding information in the first place as it is about finding the right information. Knowing who in your network can tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it is key to career success. Hoffman said he never makes a hiring or purchasing decision without first consulting people in his network who might know the potential employee or suppliers . “I ask people to rate someone on a scale of 1-10. A seven or below is bad. An eight or nine means I’ll probably hire them and a 10 means the person I asked probably isn’t telling the truth,” Hoffman says.

Tip #4- Recognizing network capabilities

Rather than searching for start-ups to invest in, Hoffman says he relies on his personal and professional contacts to send him companies he might want to hear a pitch from. “I don’t form a thesis and then go look for entrepreneurs who fit that thesis,” says Hoffman. “I position myself in a network and surround myself with people who bring me interesting people and companies.

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