Expert crowd Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas through Expert crowdsourcing . Ideation process is " how to get from and idea to reality" .


 Information sharing 

Crowd IT expert Information sharing is the main foundation of As-One-Source ecosystems and it engine. As-One-Source development never ends since we always welcome and qualifying new expert " active"  members. 

Members participation is reworded with multiple ways, among them higher ranking in As-One-Source " start ranking " profile, free access to AOF " affiliate program and marketing ".

We can collectively " As-One-Force " can bypass the corporate ladder and access to large national project   and  No longer we do not  have to hope to get our  foot in the door of some large corporation and slowly work our way up the long corporate ladder.  Expert sourcing eliminates doors and ladders.  It is a “Meritocracy”.....  The company with the best solution and network wins.

Medium and small IT deployment and installation business ( us ) due to budgetary constrains and large local and nation wide businesses due to current economic environment do not have the require resources to start and maintain their continues innovations and clearly without innovation there is no growth and expansions. We also know expansion without innovation and control can bring disaster ( Gulf oil spill ).

"If you do not participate the change management and growth that looks after the future , the future will not look after you "
 Bill Gates

Then crowd sourcing  of local  IT Experts is the answer to  many of our business challenges. 

To build As-One-Force for you , we invite you to  ideat with us . Currently, we are ideating the following topics and we welcome your participation. 

This is how it works:

  1. You pick up the idea on this list or you apply to add your idea (s  to the list.
  2. Members rank the ideas based on their interest and merit.
  3. As-One-Force share the brain storming and ideation sharing portal with the community and collects ideas, thoughts and solutions ( wisdom of the crowd ) that could  improve As-One-Source in order to address community challenges. Just imagine what we can produce by:
    • Co Marketing
    • Co Operations
    • Co Sales
    • Co development , testing and production 
    • .....more
  4. As-One-Source will use Google's business engines and build the process and share it with As-One-Force " active" members .   

Currently we are working on following portals which we want to add to As-One-Force:        

 1-On demand  local work force engine  A portal which  members can access to local expert technicians or engineers pool  ( a live , self updating  data base in the cloud ) or  members own local outsourcing engine  . With this engine members will be able to keep their core technical employees at all time and upon needs ( i.e large local project ) can  hire part time , w2 employees using the  database . This data base   is easy to sort  and  easy to screen the qualified candidates.  
2-Co Sales and Co marketing  Engine A portal which  network members sales  and marketing resources and knowledge. We all learn about potential  information that could turn to be a  project but not having resources t  more detail  information and client internal management  keep us from prospecting. Collective sale and marketing  will also assist members to find new project and business trends  

If you have any idea or suggestion , please contact us .