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Improve your marketing - Innovate or stagnate

posted May 20, 2012, 7:39 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Jul 3, 2018, 2:53 PM by Admin Account ]
Dear Nguyen  ( Criss Cross Connections ) , Thank you for Joining AsOneForce.

Regarding national projects and your interest.

1- We already built a portal to get lead for national projects . Click on and watch the embedded video . 

2- Or type ;   rollout planning  or      rollout plan  or          nationwide network consulting    in Google search and you see we already  have started marketing to get our community members projects nationwide  . We are on the 1st page with our video SEO

3- You or  our community members,  alone can not walk in to a large national company ( I.e taco bell )  and  claim,  we can manage their national  projects . They want to see business model , project model, experience, cash flow , finance ...  and strength , however  ( ) 

We can collectively " As-One-Force " can bypass the corporate ladder and access to large national project   and  No longer we do not  have to hope to get our  foot in the door of some large corporation and slowly work our  way up the long corporate ladder.  Expert sourcing eliminates doors and ladders.  It is a “Meritocracy”.....  The company with the best solution and network wins.

Medium and small IT deployment and installation business ( us ) due to budgetary constrains and large local and nation wide businesses due to current economic environment do not have the require resources to start and maintain their continues innovations and clearly without innovation there is no growth and expansions. We also know expansion without innovation and control can bring disaster ( Gulf oil spill ).
"If you do not participate the change management and growth that looks after the future , the future will not look after you "
 Bill Gates
4- You also need to invest in your marketing and get your own domain and better website representing you and your potentials .  Gmail account does not cut it, one page website means you are a very small operation. Is this what you want your clients to see )  

Criss Cross Connections ( need to improve it ) 

I suggest you contact  our marketing  sponsor member   (  and get assistance )  . Click on .

And ask for the following they are expert in network cabling website . Ask for few samples . They use Google sites, thus you can do your own updates effortlessly and there is no  web hosting fee with Google. 

David Khorram
Community manager